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Date: 2019-01-23

①Hisilicon solution: 5 in 1, Real H.265 HVR solution;

Support H.265 coding technology, ultra-low bit rate, downward compatible with H.264;

③Support real-time face detection; Playback supports face intelligent retrieval;

④Support VGA、HDMI、CVBS output;

⑤Support other third-party products based on ONVIF (IP mode);

Support multi-icloud technology to realize network penetration, camera and DVR matched, and support alarm message sending to mobile etc...

⑦Provide mating Web、CMS SDK service;

⑧Support all kinds of mobile, Pad remote monitoring(ios,android);

⑨Support remote access, DDNS to realize one-key remote monitoring;

⑩With UTC function, camera menu parameters can be adjusted via UTC function;

⑪Support AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP 5-in-1,video signal automatic recognition;

Wifi port; support wifi; can be extended to 4G 、5G (Via USB extended) (Not ok now, will update in the future);

⑬Support VGA、HDMI simultaneous display,Max resolution is up to HDMI 4K;

Record playback can be shown by time, record type showed by color, to search and retrieve conveniently and efficiently;

Record backup can be arranged according to the time and duration, accurate to seconds;

⑯Support IP camera address modifying in bulk, and camera device added remotely;

⑰Can connect with IP camera, IP dome, and Onvif supported;

Can connect with mainstream IP camera brands in the market(private protocol or Onvif);

Preview screen can be exchanged randomly. Picture position changed without physical address changing, it’s convenient for construction;

The video and picture backup via U-disk can be playback and query at the main host, so it’s very convenient;

Support multiple playback modes: fast forward, slow playback, fast reverse, etc. Max 16 times fast forward or fast reverse;

㉒Support USB WI-FI module;(Not ok now, will update in the future);

㉓Support H.264/H.265(HEVC) IP camera; 

㉔Support WEB、VMS, support android/IOS mobile system;

㉕Support P2P,QR code scanning, and playback via APP.


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