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RS-HD269B-A0 series (4-in-1 output )

Date: 2017-01-10

1 、Name :1.3MP AHD Module
2 、Model :RS-HD269B-A0 series (4-in-1 output )
3 、Technical characteristics :
3.1、Image sensor AR 0130 ,Output AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS, Effective resolution is 1280*960;
3.2、OSD menu supports 12 different languages; with strong light inhibition/privacy protection,
BLC/DPC, 2D noise reduction function
3.3、Adopt Nextchip 2433H DSP,with OSD function (mirror image, color/ white-black, PAL/NTSC);
3.4、AGC type, day-night effect is distinct, various day-night modes can be switched by OSD menu;
with D-WDR
3.5、Support UTC, 4-in-1, switched by OSD, Enhancement adjustment supported by OSD
3.6、Power (600W)&Video(2KV)dual-lightning protection design, OSP antioxidant PCB, size 32*38



7. Product structure description
(1) RS-HD269B-A0 The power connector can support both 1.5*3pin (default) and 1.25*4pin

8 、 OSD Function description :
(1) PAL/NTSC: Enter into OSD menu, Enter into option 7(Adjust) then go into option4
(Output Mode), Choose option 2 (frame rate) to switch Pal/NTSC .Press right button
shortly, press once to switch to 30fps NTSC system, twice to switch to 25fps Pal
system, press enter to save (Default is Pal)
PAL/NTSC(shortcut switch method): Press enter button for 5 seconds to switch cyclically
(Default is PAL)
(2) 4-in-1 Switch :
Enter into OSD menu, enter into option 7 (Adjust), then go into option 4(Output Mode),
Choose option 1 (Format) Press right button once (press shortly) to change to CVI,
twice to change to TVI, press left button to return. And press enter button to save before
exit. (The default is AHD).4-in-1 Switch (shortcut switch method):Press the button of the OSD cable for 5 seconds to change: Up: TVI, Down: CVI; Left: CVBS; Right: AHD;(This is the default method) Customized external switching method can be supported. (Default is AHD)


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