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RS-HD118-AO(AHD) Nextchip 2440+Panasonic 34227

Date: 2016-12-27

Technical Characteristics:
1、Use 1/3 CMOS 34227 image sensor, TVI 1080P, OSD menu supports 12 different languages.
2、With high definition 1080P, effective resolution is up to 1920*1080, no delay、no compression、
low loss and real-time transmission, low noise.
3、With 2D/3D NR, D-WDR, motion detection, privacy protection, de-fog, sens-up functions.
4、P/N system、multiple mirror image mode and day-night mode can be switched by OSD, built-in
specific image HOLD (freezing) function.
5、1.25*5pin double BNC output interface, output TVI/AHD/960H can be switched freely (switched
by AC pin short-circuit to GND is also supported)
6、Support UTC connection with DVR device (Take the below demonstration for details);
7、Onboard Auto-IRIS can be supported, Power & video dual lightening protection design is
applied: Direct contact anti-thunder 8KV, air contact anti-thunder 16KV.
8、PCB is OSP antioxidant with 38*38 dual border design, Transmission distance is up to
600meters by coaxial cable.

1、 Operations for part of functions:
Description for output signal(factory default):
TVI interface output TVI 1080P signal, AHD interface output AHD 1080P signal, CVBS 960H signal will
be output from AHD interface after being switched.

2、AHD mode:
(1) PAL/NTSC: press down button of OSD cable for 5 seconds, the system will be switched from PAL
to NTSC (the default is PAL), Re-press the down button for 5 seconds, the system will be changed
from NTSC to PAL.
(2) AHD/CVBS: Press left button for 5 seconds, the video output will be switched from AHD to
CVBS(the default output is AHD)
(3) CVBS/AHD: Press right button for 5 seconds, the video output will be switched from CVBS to


3、TVI mode:
(1) PAL/NTSC: Main menu- Setting- Adjustment-Image adjustment- PAL switched to NTSC & NTSC
switched to PAL.
UTC technique introduction:
UTC means Up the Coax (UTC), transferring 2 kinds of signal via general coaxial cable.
One is image signal, the other is control signal. Transfer both of the signals from
cameras via coaxial cable simultaneously, Through the function; you can control the
cameras by DVR with UTC function easily, including OSD menu parameter setting and
so on.


4、UTC function operation demo:
(1 ) Enter into IE interface through DVR IP address
(2 ) Enter into main menu interface through DVR



OSD menu (1)- - Setting
OSD menu (2)- - Exposure
O O SD menu (3)- - Backlight compensation
 OSD menu(4)- - Strong light inhibition
OSD menu (5)- - Noise reduction

OSD menu (6)- - Function
OSD menu (7)- - Image adjustment
 OSD menu (8)- - RS485

6 、 Product effect picture:
1920*1080 CS 4mm


7 、 Product structure& wiring definition diagram:




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