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RS-T805 series 38*38 size wifi camera boards Hisilicon 3518E+9712 (alarm and audio optional)

Date: 2016-12-28

1.jpg1 、Name :IPC Network 38*38 Box Camera Module

2 、Product Model : RS-T805-A0

3 、Product characteristics :
3.0、Onboard MT7601 wifi module, no need extral wifi module, support external film antenna or 2.4G antenna mast, no attenuation for straight-line signal strength& quality, no affected by outside interference factors.
3.1、Onboard wifi module can be connected to ONVIF protocol, to monitor& save via NVR, 720P HD image, 1280*720 coding, image is clear and fluency.
3.2、Onboard 433 wireless alarm module can be connected with wireless remote control,door magnet, smoke alarm of 433 spectrum, to realize joint-alarming, and to send alarm message to mobile APP CMS simultaneously.
3.3、Adopt general DC2.0 port, DC 12V/2A for power, 150-162mA for low consumption,38*38 for PCBA structure, 20mm ICR for pitch-row, which are general standard, easier and more humanization for assembly.
3.4、The module is designed with CDS control circuit, which can switch color to white&black
synchronized with external infrared led board, higher sensitivity switching. 3.5、Adopt TF card (Micro SD Card)to save recording, FAT32,support 64MB- 256GB ultra-large
capacity, no limited about the brands of the card, compatible all types of TF card on the market.
3.6、Adopt ROHS standard for the whole SMT process, support CMS synchronized recording
and P2P remote playback( CMS support 4 different languages).
3.7、Onboard high quality power amplifier IC, which can put an end to sound distortion effectively, eliminate echo,inhibit noise, prevent the horn hissing sound/ noise/ distortion from the leaking voice.
3.8、Module has one-key fast reset to restart function, supports connecting external Tact Restart Switch.
3.9、Adopting Brands resistor capacitor, which can achieve smaller parameter error, lower
consumption, more stable of module circuit functions, longer using time; on-board with magnetic powder block type power inductance, more effective for anti-interference, output lower circuit ripple.

4 、Technique features :
4.0、New home-use intelligent network IP camera: very easy to operate, remote control to realize APP video intercom call, have one-key intelligent protection removal special functions.
4.1、P2P: After connecting the network, no need to apply for domain name, no need setting port mapping, you can control the equipment completely through mobile APP or connecting RJ45 network interface.
4.2、Multi-function APP: Timezone setting, PAL/NTSC change, Alarming setting (alarming message sent to APP account, directional email, equipment buzzer), WIFI message checking, Defense area/storage/video information setting functions.
4.3、Network self-adaption:(Max. support 5 clients view simultaneously)Depending on the present network conditions, the equipment will choose the most appropriate stream to transmit, which also can remind you if under poor network environment, bring you perfect user experience.
4.4、Audio priority: audio will be transmitted in priority when it is under extremely bad network
environment, to ensure voice quality.
4.5、Echo cancellation, Noise inhibition: Exclusive voice engine technology; can improve voice quality comprehensively; integrate the advanced Echo cancellation and Noise inhibition technologies.
4.6、Silent packet loss (patented technology): Under extremely bad network environment, system will abandon the data without any sound selectively to guarantee the integrity of the audio.
4.7、A distributed server group: Cloudlink P2P server adopt distributed design, no central server, any crash of the 4 servers cannot affect the normal network connecting of the equipment.
4.8、Intelligent networking, automatically diverging-flow: The equipment will choose the best
connectivity Cloudlink P2P server according to the networking conditions; when some server

supercharged, others will start equilibrium strategy to diverging-flow online equipment, to guarantee
Cloudlink P2P system working normally.
4.9、Various path transmission(patented technology):Under some special networking environment, when P2P cannot realize direct-connecting, audio/video will be transmitted through other free online equipment, more online equipment, more stable for the P2P transmission system.



9 、CMS, Debugging tools and Mobile APP:
9.1 CMS
(1)It supports computer adding equipment via《CMS Client》under WIFI or direct network
connecting conditions, to have recording, screenshot, setting operations, check 《CMS
Client Specification》for more details.
(2)CMS Client download address: click to enter into downloading page
(3)CMS Client support 4 different languages(English/Simple Chinese/Traditional
Chinese/Korean) at present, for more languages, please wait the updating

9.2 Debugging tools
(1)It supports computer adding Searching equipment via《 Debugging Tools》under WIFI or
direct network connecting conditions, to use image testing, one-key reporting number,
configuration updating, configuration information checking operations.
For more details, please check debugging tools《T805 Debugging Software Specification》
(2)IPC debugging system download address: click to enter into downloading
(3)Debugging tools “IPC debugging system” can be used for assembly customers only, please
use CMS or mobile APP for personal clients
(4)rtsp stream configuration address:
rtsp://ipaddr/onvif1 //main-stream (streaming media port 554)
rtsp://ipaddr/onvif2 //sub-stream (streaming media port 554)
VLC Player is recommended, download address: click to download
9.3 Mobile APP Client
(1)It supports mobile phone adding, searching equipment automatically under WIFI condition via
“V8” or “Ruision” APP, or using intelligent connecting and APP client to build wifi QR code,
the equipment can recognize wifi QR code to connect. Please check 《RS-T805-A0 Series
Mobile APP Specification》for more information.
(2)Mobile APP client scan QR code to download:
(3)Mobile APP client have to be registered before log in, please register via mobile number or
email/ID number.
The factory default password is: 123, please change the password after log in timely.


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