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①0S08A10 image sensor, resolution is up to 8 MP;②AHD 4K output;③OSD support 13 languages,White balance/exposure, day-night switch/2D 3Dnoise reduction,Automatic Gain    Control, Digital wide dynamic, backlight compensation function;④Adopt NVP2481H DSP, with OSD function(mirror、color/black-white、PAL/NTSC switch);⑤AGC type, day-night effect is distinct, support UTC;⑥Power(600W) Video(2KV)dual-lightning protection design, size 32*38.
①0S08A10 image sensor,resolution is up to 8 MP;②TVI 4K output;③adopt FH8556 DSP, support 3DNR, Auto white balance and AGC(Automatic Gain Control);④AGC type, day-night effect is distinct;⑤Power(600W) Video(2KV)dual-lightning protection design, size 38*38.
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