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     The company adhering to the "products such as character, people do first, after work, all for the sake of the user" and other business ideas, products and services are now working on a solemn promise: 
     1. technical services: Free sent to the scene to make technical guidance, help to improve the room settings, free debugger, free for the users to develop training programs, (factory or on-site) training of operators, the two sides to discuss training methods, content and time, according to the actual circumstances. 
     2. spare parts service: three bags of some of wearing parts free of charge during the period, three bags of view outside the long-term supply of spare parts and technical support. 
     3.maintenance services: Users in use there products, such as any failure will be sent to the on-site service at any time, the company distribution company or the user unit by virtue of the maintenance reports and product certification, the province a 24-hour arrangements are put in place arrangements for provinces within 36 hours put in place, three bags of period is one year or run for 1000 hours (whichever occurs first), life-long service. The company more than 30 cities over 62 technical service department, three bags of service. 
     4. service principle: products in use, such as a failure, a company may send on-site service to ensure timely operation.

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