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The company will meet the needs of users as its purpose, and provide users with pure spare parts, technical consultation, installation guidance, free debugging, and personnel training for a long time. After receiving the quality problem feedback from the customer, we will reply within 24 hours or dispatch after-sales service personnel to arrive at the scene as soon as possible, so that the service will not stop if the user is not satisfied.


Service System

1.Pre-sale Service 

Professional engineers provide users with pre-sales technical consultation and planning supporting guidance, such as module selection, matching, high-definition monitoring scheme design, etc., answering difficult problems encountered by users during use and providing relevant technical guidance;


2.In-sale service

When our company receives customer consultation on technical problems and difficulties, we will call for guidance as soon as possible. If the problem still cannot be solved, we will negotiate with the customer and assign professional technicians to the installation site for guidance, installation and commissioning, and Cooperate with users to do a good job of acceptance;


3.After-sales service

1. Provide free program selection, customized program design consultation, and high-definition monitoring program design;

2. Free technical support, installation guidance, technical debugging;

3. Free technical training and consultation for users' operation and maintenance personnel;

4. Provide customers with guidance for regular inspections and maintenance precautions of the whole camera for free;

5. Establish customer files for key customers of our company, regularly follow up on customers' product usage suggestions, and return visits regularly。